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The first step is the creative design process which includes utilizing the clients existing logo and creating a custom web design layout. The design will include the header section, site navigation, body content area and a footer section. During the design process AQ Websites will confirm the layout, colors and navigation of the website.

The overall design creation process generally takes 1 to 3 weeks from concept to a final design. AQ Websites will work with the Client to make all changes and edits to the design layout until it is approved by the Client. Once the Client approves the design layout the next step is to build each page of the website. Please note, once the design is confirmed and development starts changes to the original design may incur additional charges.

Website Content

Website content is the most important aspect of your website. The main goal is to tell your visitors who you are, what you do, who you do it for and where you do it. The second goal for your content is to speak to the search engines for website optimization. Website content is provided by the Client unless otherwise stated and agreed upon by both parties.  AQ Websites can assist the client in enhancing the Clients optimizing it for the search engines. If the Client is unable to provide copy, complete copyrighting services are available but are not including in this proposal and will incur additional cost.

Website Photographs, Pictures and Artwork

It is the Clients responsibility to provide photos, pictures, or artwork to be used in the website design and throughout the website. AQ Websites has the ability to purchase stock photos from that are inexpensive and royalty free. Please visit their website and search for photos. If you find some you may want to use on your website, write down the number associated with the photo.

Website Flash Technology

AQ Websites has the ability to incorporate flash technology on your home page to capture your visitors attention. The flash component will display moving pictures and or text. Adding and building flash technology adds to the overall cost of project and is not included in this proposal unless indicated on the service and cost breakdown page of this this agreement.

Website Ease of Navigation

The websites navigation needs to be simple and straightforward so that visitors can find what they are looking for without extensive searching. AQ Websites understands that the key to a professional, straightforward website is to strike an appropriate balance between basic graphic design principals and business functionality. Our goal is to create a website that provides your visitors all the information they need to determine that you are the right company for them and to be able to contact you via phone, email or by completing a contact or estimate form.

Social Media and Custom Facebook Page Design and Integration

AQ Websites will custom design a Facebook business page that will be branded with your company information and link to your company website. With over 500 million unique active accounts, Facebook is used primarily for friends and family to connect in a user-customized environment. Facebook Business Pages facilitate the use of special applications located on tabs that business owners can customize to suit their needs. Possible application tabs for your Facebook Business Page include Photos, Videos, Events, Reviews, Discussion Boards, and many others. Facebook is very useful for spreading news to your contacts about your business.

    Logo Design and Branding (if applicable)
    Custom Website Design
    Graphic Design Services
    Professional and Easy To Navigate
    Content and Image Placement and more!

Usability is Key

Does form always follow function? Not in a diamond ring, but when it comes to your company’s website: absolutely. Online shoppers demand the rapid delivery of concise information, and they will flee from websites that feature the slow loading distractions of objects in constant motion over a kaleidoscopic, ever changing background cluttered with confusing and conflicting messages—overly complex and slow navigation completes the effect. Who has time for all that? Above all else, our Boston Web design and development specialists will ensure that your company’s website offers exceptional ease of use.

The Final Design

Once we complete our design we present it to you for your final approval. The Boston Web designers and developers at AQ Websites understand that custom website design can be an evolutionary process, and that we won’t always get it perfect the first time. It’s your company’s website, and our design efforts will remain ongoing until the work merits your total satisfaction.

When will you be ready to take your business to the next level? There will never be a better time than today to let AQ Websites introduce you to the exciting internet marketing opportunities that grow more diverse and lucrative every day. Call us toll free at (781) 937-3531 for a no-cost consultation or email us for a prompt reply to your inquiry.

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